Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Contents Insight Seminar in Korea

I was invited to do a presentation in Seoul Korea in Mar 30th. Sebastian Lee (Established TV/Film Producer) contacted me to do a talk about game production. There were 4 other participants who are working in Feature animation, TV series. EX Producer or popular medical drama "ER" David Zabel, EX producer of "Ghost in the Shell" Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Producer of record breaking box-office hit (specially in S. Korea) "Frozen" Peter Del Vecho, The mastermind behind BMW fim series, True Detective Marketing firm Anonymous Content COO Paul Green also presented their knowledges and foresight in entertainment field. It was about 800+ attendees at COEX conference hall. The event was invitation only however it was a KOCCA (Korean Contents Agency-subsidiary of Korean Cultural Department) sponsored free event. 

My topic was about coming up with a new game idea at right time, with proper strategies. Each one of us had about 40 mins to do a presentation and the venue was very well set up with massive LED screen and great lighting and etc. I wanted to do my presentation in Korean since I only get to speak in English when I presented elsewhere in the past. So it was a different challenge but I felt somewhat comfortable and I was also surprised at myself how well I was able to bring out some of the ideas I wanted to share on the fly. I think the audience also appreciated my efforts since they didn't needed any translation. I wanted to address how gaming industry in Korea is willing to make changes which film industry in Korea did in last couple decades. It seems like there are definitely common trends in style, story contents and little lack of original gameplay experiences in Korean games. I was able to guide my talk step by step by showing how God of War team was able to differentiate themselves from the dominance of Japanese 3rd person action adventure games in early 2000-2004. Also emerging economic growth in Asian mobile market which will drive global game industry into 30 billion industry by 2017. Asia is definitely a leader in both consumers and also contents providers. I wanted to share more about how VR will create new paradigm in game design which is great for developers like myself as well. 

It was overall eye opening experience to witness how Korean government is trying hard to assist / invest Korean creative companies / individuals to succeed in story, IP content markets in worldwide scale. It's obviously starting to pay off with music, film and next territories are feature animation/games.

I personally got to know Paul Green, David Zabel well. They became good friends after couple adventure night outings. Since I was able to speak fluent Korean and knew the way around megalithic Seoul. I got to make David Zabel try "Spicy Chicken Feet" and also ate "Live Octopus Head" with Paul Green in Noryanggin fish market.. Ultimate Korean experiences can't be missed.

Inside of COEX 
I was also visiting couple universities- here is a pic from one of class room from Yonsei university.

Also made a visit to Section Studios' business partner "VisualDart" company in Seoul.
Their talented CG art team!

Also my wife Lili and I were invited to attend the closing event of America's Next Top Model. We've got to see 2NE1 so close it was awesome.
Lastly I've met singer Min from popular K-pop group "Miss A" and I found out she was a GOW fan:)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Zombie Killer Squad - Artwork

Hi everyone, Section Studios released our 2nd mobile game called"Zombie Kill Squad" last Nov (yes, the title is pretty norm but it works:)) and here are some concept artworks our team did. Mostly my sketches are here except the 1st boss artwork done by our favorite artist "YoungKyu Kim".
Zombie Kill Squad is currently at 2+ million download marks and it's available on both IOS Appstore and google store. The game itself is actually based on our endless runner tech we developed early last year for another game called "Run Igor Run"(which we delayed the release date). While we were at E3 last year, we've met founders of 3BD who manages some of the most popular Youtube influencers in the world. So we decided to do this game together with Seananners & Tom Syndicate as main characters and the result was great! We've reached #1 in UK free game chart less than 12 hours after launch and quickly reached #2 in US. Thank you all for support and we are in works of huge updates with more characters, Weapons, Maps and locker systems with accessaries and cool costume skins...we are actually transforming the traditional endless runner style into runner / action shooter...Section Studios continue to work hard to bring you awesome games in mobile and PC altogether. Thanks for checking out my post and let me know if you have any questions / suggestions in mobile game development and how to publish your game on Appstore.....it's been quite interesting experience for us. More posts related to the game will follow soon....

Friday, November 01, 2013

Making of "Nether" Trailer Part 2

So here is how VFX shots are broken up. In my opinion,  Creature CG in hospital hallway scene came out awesome. I wish we had more time and budget towards the end of post-production.... Overall it was a valuable experience for Section to understand how to plan out from screenplay to actual location filming.. Charles had a clear direction from the beginning and I really liked the twist at the end.  I haven't involved in live action filming in my career so that was good also.

Some of our designers volunteered as corpses. Thanks to Rebecca Rhee, Ben Michaels
Director : Charles Paek


VFX Scene Breakdown

Nether - VFX Breakdown from Section Studios, Inc. on Vimeo.

Here is the final version.

Nether Game Trailer from Section Studios, Inc. on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making of "Nether" Trailer Part 1

Section Studios' VFX team created a trailer for upcoming survival MMO game "Nether". (website is also designed by Section)
It's an online 1st person shooter developed by a developer Phosphor - game company based in Chicago.
Our VFX executive producer Brian Wee and Director Charles Peak did an awesome job blending live action scenes with nice CG work. In order for us to meet production budget and also to maximize impactful storytelling- Myself and Charles sat down and work through iterations of storyboarding before we went out to shoot at locations. Here I have posted some storyboards and later I will post a link to check out pre-viz. It feels more like a trailer for a indie film rather than action games which
has a lot to do with carefully arranged camera work. This post is a part 1 of 3 posts that I am going to publish on the project.

The storyboards were created over 3 days (3 hours session each). I always enjoy working on storyboards since it's fast and each shot requires compositional solutions and also one of the rare chances to be sitting down and work with paper and pen, marker only. Although your mind needs to stay on fast drawing skills, it also requires you to be organized and able to deal with moving scenes around and stitch scenes on the fly... which can get you slow down and face some deadline issues if you are not experienced in storyboarding.

Filming at 2 locations. Palmdale, Lacy Studios Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Section Ad images

A couple Section Studios' promotional images. Done by Justin Yun and Ben Michaels. (Bluecanvas Magazine)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Union Event at Sao Paulo Brazil

So I was in Brazil for a week to do a presentation during Union event. It's a VFX / Game / Art event which went for 2 days and there were 7 presenters. I was able to meet super talented pros from mostly film industry- Neil Huxley (Mothership) , Scott Spencer (Weta), Ian Joyner (Legacy FX), Neville Page, Alex Nice, Robert Young (Blur) etc.. my presentation was rather humble- showing most of my career transition from Sony to Section Studios so my lecture covered from AAA game dev experience to building new IPs in casual market, PC games and etc. Response was great and it was obvious to my eyes how students in Brazil love entertainment genre and there's lots of them who would want to learn and create stuff. Attendees were over 2000 so it's not a small event and I ended up learning tons from just watching other presenters telling their success stories and industry tips. Thanks to Alex Alvarez (Founder of Gnomon) who invited me to the event and also everyone at SAGA (School of Art, Game and Animation- what a great name) for their generous hospitality. Bravo Brazil!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Art of God of War Ascension

Hello everyone, I have been too busy but let me get back to blogging.. if I don't have artwork to share, if I don't have any personal doodles to post, I still have a lot to share from my end. Our company Section Studios are cooking some fun game titles and I can share the progress we are making, some of other areas in business we are pushing- there's tons of stuff to share.
Let's begin with Art of God of War Ascension. With exceptional success and popularity of "Art of Journey" book- we Section Studios / Bluecanvas publishing proved ourselves we can design and execute pretty artbook. Game artbook. It's my passion and our company's dream to put hands on amazing game titles and we wanted to record some of the best efforts our game artists are making.. Art of God of War Ascension is 2nd art book we created. It's over 400 pages and great collector's item.
So far sales has been great and we are excited to bring this artbook to gaming world and all of GOW fans out there.

Buy here - Amazon Page